• Sherif El-Bendary

    Sherif El-Bendary

    Have a quick overview of KAF ambassador Sherif El-Bendary – International Kung Fu & Kickboxing fighter– Head coach and founder of TWC– Egyptian National team captain– 2nd place CFC professional world championship Sanda (China 2015)– 1st place Arab championship 2015–...

  • Moustafa El-Shaal AKA Batshy

    Moustafa El-Shaal AKA Batshy

    KAF ambassador Moustafa El-Shaal, has a long history in the martial arts field. Purple belt Jiu-Jitsu holder and international Bronze medal winner Aikido instructor and black belt holder. Head fitness coach at TWC “Train with the Champions” 

  • Ahmad Osama AKA Ozzy

    Ahmad Osama AKA Ozzy

    KAF’s earliest brand ambassador since 2005, Ahmad Osama. Ozzy is a former Black belt Karate holder & former physique athlete. Ahmad is nowadays known for his strong belief in body weight strength training and calisthenics. Follow Ozzy on instagram @ahmad_osama_